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Switchgear: For The Safeguard of the Appliances


  • By Switchgear: For The Safeguard of the Appliances

We all need electricity to run our home appliances. It is definitely an important thing but at times it may cause damage to life and property. It is very important to ensure that power can easily be transmitted from one place to another. In the transfer of electricity, losses are related. We all know that power is a scarce resource and it needs to be preserved. To ensure that minimum losses are involved in the transmission, the electricity is transmitted at a very high voltage. This voltage is much higher as compared to the voltage needed for the home appliances.

During the transmission, at times, voltage fluctuation takes place. To avoid this, switchgear is widely used. It is basically the electronic device which is used to control voltage fluctuation. The complete assembly consists of transformers and circuit breakers. The transformers are used to control the voltage. When the voltage changes suddenly, the transformer helps in regulating the voltage. The main function of the circuit breaker is to break the supply to the circuit when the voltage changes suddenly. This component cuts off the voltage supply to appliances thus protecting them from getting damaged.

The switchgear manufacturersare offering these in different power ratings. They are doing so in order to cater to the different requirements of the industry. This device contains two different assemblies of the component. One is known as monitoring assembly while the other one is known as circuit breaker assembly. The monitoring assembly checks the voltage fluctuation and provides the signal if there is the change in the voltage from the predefined limit. The circuit breaker breaks the supply to the circuit if the signal suggests that there is the change in the voltage.

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